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My all-too-brief time with a beautiful man.

In 2006, I was the CEO of Resite Information Technology. We were a software startup with a team of about 12. We were doing pretty well, in many ways. We had lots of customers. We had a decent office. We had a national profile. We were even profitable. But we weren’t loving it. We were hocking a dated product in a stuffy industry. We had really lost our sense of excitement about what we were doing, which was bleeding over into my personal life. We were doing our best to be the cool kids in multi-family real estate software, but we were, nonetheless, in the multi-family real estate software business. It seemed like the industry had rubbed off on us more than we had rubbed off on it. I was really just going through the motions in just about everything. I was wearing khakis and tucked-in button-down shirts. I was buying lot of product to power my denial of my receding hairline. I didn’t have...

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Heart Issues

I received my first stent just under 3 years ago. I had a minor heart attack caused by blockage in my Right Coronary Artery. I never had chest pain prior to this event. The symptoms were pressure in my forearms and a buzzing in my head. Thankfully, Eryn Wisler insisted that I go to the hospital.

Unfortunately, I started having chest pain almost immediately after that procedure. I was also experiencing frequent muscle pain, gut pain, head fog, and nausea. I told my cardiologist and my GP that something wasn’t right, and we underwent every test you can imagine - blood labs, cardiac tests, GI tests, neurological tests - everything came back negative except one nerve conduction study that showed that I suffer from a polyneuropathy. So, I became convinced that the pain I was experiencing was neurological, rather than cardiac.

I became convinced that I’m statin-intolerant, and doctors...

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Swallowing my vomit to vote for Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is the worst. Or maybe the second worst after Donald Trump. This has been the debate in the Republican party for the last few months - which of these guys is more disastrous? As far as my vote today in the Indiana primary, it doesn’t really matter which one is worse, because there’s only one chance to stop either of them - a contested convention.

If Trump wins today, he’ll almost certainly reach the magic number of delegates necessary to win the nomination on the first ballot at the convention. If Cruz wins, he’ll be hard pressed to get there and the delegates at the convention will be free to nominate someone else on subsequent ballots. I hope that will be John Kasich, but there are at least 20 other perfectly reasonable options.

Lots of pundits, and even many party leaders, are warning of the dangers of a contested convention. They warn that it will ‘tear the party apart’...

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Whole30 Review

In January, my wife and I both completed the Whole 30 - a diet challenge designed to change your life. It’s a simple concept to understand, but far from simple to implement. You just go 30 days without consuming any grains, added sugars, alcohol, dairy, legumes, MSG, carageenan, or sulfites. Easy, right?

Following it at home wasn’t hard. Any time I was hungry, I could just eat more meat, fruit or vegetables. It definitely changed our shopping habits, but as long as we we stocked up on whole foods, there were no major problems. Tea replaced the evening beer or wine, and nuts replaced chips as snacks.

Eating out was much, much harder. Very few restaurants have anything that’s fully compliant. Even the restaurants that claim to be organic, local, slow food joints are adding sugars and using dairy in most of their dishes. My go-to lunch was a mixed greens salad from Bloomingfoods with...

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Summer Goals

My kids always make a list of their summer goals. They always include things like “Go to Holiday World”, “Go to the Beach”, or “Read 5 Books”. I’ve never bothered to make my own list, because I also want to do most of the things on their list, and I usually get to because I have a driver’s license.

This year, I’m making my own list. I’m not doing this just to one-up the kids. I’m mostly doing it because I’ll forget to do anything if I don’t make a list, and this is the last summer of my 30’s. So, this is really more of a “before I turn 40 and start forgetting everything” list. Also, some of these are indisputable evidence of a mid-life crisis if attempted by a dude after he turns 40. So, in addition to participating in the majority of my kids’ list items, my summer goals are:

  • Complete a moving kick-flip
  • Finish recording a song and put it on the interwebs
  • Take the whole family to a...

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The blog posts I haven’t written.

I think about blogging quite a bit, but I almost never get around to writing. To be more accurate, I usually decide it’s better to keep certain thoughts inside my own head. In either case, I don’t want you all to think that I’ve been doing nothing, so I thought I should at least write a post about the things I haven’t written.

I did not write a blog post about NFL players.

I did not write a blog post about the militarization of police forces.

I did not write a blog post about Robin Williams or Joan Rivers.

I did not write a blog post about Tom Crean’s job security.

I did not write a blog post about excessive use of force by police.

I did not write a blog post about Kentucky losing to Wisconsin.

I did not write a blog post about RFRA.

I did not write a blog post about the tech community’s reaction to RFRA.

I did not write a blog post about The Bloomington mayoral race.

I did not...

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Blogging again. Periodically.

I haven’t blogged in a while. In fact, I haven’t been very visible at all for a while. That mostly because I’ve been hiding in the real world, building what I think is a really cool business. I’ve been grinding it out like most other entrepreneurs, building, selling, building, selling.

Now that we’ve deployed the product to the first customers, I’m coming out of hiding. I want the whole world to use this product - even you. It’s the most powerful platform I could imagine to control the most important and scarce resource on the planet - time.

It’s called periodic. It’s not a personal calendar app, but it will power them. It’s not a travel itinerary app or online travel agency, but it will power them. It’s not microsoft exchange, but we think people will soon wonder why they ever used something so limited. Working with a couple of the smartest IU computing nerds I could find, we’ve built...

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